Dog French BulldogMany pet owners know the dread that comes from a missing pet. The pit in the bottom of your stomach, the accelerating heartbeat, and the racing imagination are all terrible feelings to experience – especially under the circumstances.

But if your pet has been microchipped, you can breathe a little easier. Sure, you will still want to beat the street looking for your beloved fur friend, but at least you know that if he or she is found, and brought to a shelter or veterinarian, that the two of you will be reunited with the simple scan of a laser and a phone call.

What is a Pet Microchip?

A pet microchip uses similar technology to that found in credit cards and passports. Your vet will inject a tiny, biocompatible glass capsule containing a read-only microchip between your pet’s shoulder blades, which is then programmed with your contact info.

If your lost pet is ever taken to a vet or a shelter, vital information on the microchip can be retrieved with a scanner. By contacting the company that owns the chip and supplying your pet’s unique chip number, your contact details can be found, and your pet can be returned to you safely. The chip doesn’t require batteries, will last the life of your pet, and after the initial procedure, there are no additional fees.

Safely Home

At Countryside Veterinary Hospital we use Avid microchips. Avid chips are inexpensive, ultra-reliable, and can be read by universal scanners. Your pet’s microchip number will be permanently linked to you in the Avid® PetTrac database. After the procedure, simply go online and register your details on the Avid  website.  

The important thing is to update your personal information with Avid immediately should any of your contact details change.

(If no one can find you, it won’t matter if they find your lost pet!)

No Such Thing as Too Many Back-ups

When it comes to your beloved pet, you can’t have too many backup systems in place. In addition to a microchip, your pet should wear a secure collar with name tags and municipal license tag. These backups are important because if your pet isn’t wearing a collar and tags, a finder may assume he or she isn’t being cared for and keep your pet instead of turning him or her in to the authorities.

Of course if you have any questions about how the Avid pet microchip works or about the procedure itself, give us a call. Better yet, schedule an appointment to fit your pet with a microchip today. It’s fast, nearly painless, and surprisingly inexpensive. A pet microchip might make all the difference between losing your pet for a few hours… and losing your pet forever.