Slide We’ve got your back We practice uncommonly exceptional veterinary medicine. But that’s not the only reason why our clients drive past many other veterinarians to get to our doors. We have built a culture of taking care of people. It is so important to us that you feel, in your bones, that you can trust us. That your pet is receiving the best care there is. And that your experience truly matters. Because to us, you are a hero. You devote so much of your time and attention caring for your beloved companion. And because of that, once you walk through our doors, you are family. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Because you deserve no less.
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Slide Vet checking report on Monitor The team When you walk through Countryside’s doors, you are not only getting access to cutting edge technology and techniques. It’s the people that we are so proud of. We have worked hard to attract exceptionally talented and driven veterinary professionals. They are truly in a class of their own. And this team has an incredible diversity of skills and expertise. You don’t just have a built in second opinion. You have a built in fifth or sixth opinion. And when you combine these talented people with our approach and technology, incredible things can happen for your pet’s healthcare.

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When you need the best.
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Slide The approach Your pet’s health and well-being mean everything to us. And because of that, we believe a much more thorough approach is necessary. Often times, when you go to a veterinary clinic, the staff will just treat the problem that you brought in. We believe that we must look deeper, and address the total wellness of your dog or cat. Every single time you bring your pet in, we will look at your pet with fresh, objective eyes. We will examine every inch. Because when your pet’s life and happiness is at stake, nothing less will do.

What your neighbors say…

I am so impressed with the amount of grace, tact and professionalism we’ve received while dealing with a stray we brought in. I am so grateful to this office and will be bringing my personal business here.


We have been going to Countryside for over 10 years now and they have always been excellent with all of our pets. Yesterday was an emergency call in at 4 pm and they took us right in and took care of our dog, Kage, which included a quick surgical procedure. Thank you for your wonderful care and love of our babies.


I worked at Countryside to get trained for when my boss had her clinic open. I know this veterinarian practice contains doctors and staff that truly care about your pets. The new boarding facility is top notch!! Doggy day care is so cool too!!


We’ve used countryside since our dog was about a year old except for about a year when we decided to try another. I missed the level of professionalism and personal attention so we came back to countryside. The doctors and staff are great and you can tell they truly care.


Our 5 pets have received their care from Countryside since 2011. We love the staff and the vets! These people are professional and thorough, and wait times are usually very short. Without fail, they call to check on our pets if they were in for a “sick” visit. They also send cards when it’s time for the yearly exams!


Best veterinary hospital we’ve ever used. They always manage to work us in when something emergent comes up and the vets don’t rush with you. Great place and I highly recommend them.