Alternative Arthritis Management in Pets

While the passing of time is inevitable, you can assist your pet in aging gracefully and comfortably for many years to come. Pain and stiffness from arthritis is common in geriatric pets. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to help put the pep back in your pet’s step. Integrative veterinary medicine is providing various alternative therapies [...]

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A Lifetime of Wellness: Preventive Care for Cats

Cats are excellent at hiding—mice under pillows, hairballs in your shoe—and they make themselves scarce when their owners pull the cat carrier out. Something else they’re great at hiding: signs of disease and illness. To keep tabs on your cat’s health and prevent disease, annual wellness exams are key. Routine preventive care can help us [...]

The Lodge at Countryside: An Open Letter from Fido

As you may know, we recently opened a state-of-the-art pet resort, called the Lodge, here at Countryside Veterinary Hospital. We’re really proud of it. At the Lodge, we offer doggie daycare, boarding, and grooming services…but not just any doggie daycare, boarding, and grooming services. There’s a lot that makes the Lodge stand out, and we [...]

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