Pets and Parasitic Diseases

Many parasites can cause problematic health issues for your pet, and some can affect you and your family. Our team at Countryside Veterinary Hospital wants to help by providing information about parasitic diseases in pets, and ways you can safeguard your four-legged friend. Roundworms in pets Roundworms are the most common parasites that affect pets, [...]

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Expect the Worst—Avoiding Common Pet Emergencies

Every pet is unique—some are escape artists, while others are counter-surfers, thrill seekers, dumpster divers, or weekend warriors. Regardless of your kind of pet, their natural hyperactivity, curiosity, or gluttony can get them into a lot of trouble—which can be life-threatening. While thinking about pet emergencies is not pleasant, it’s important to know that many [...]

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Talking Toxins—4 Everyday Items that Can Harm Your Pet

When you’re at home with your pet, the last thing you think about is putting them in harm’s way. Unfortunately, because many household items are toxic to pets, your dog or cat may be having close encounters with poisonous products every day. To eliminate these potentially harmful or deadly exposures, here’s an easy-to-follow guide from [...]

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Pet Microchipping: A Tale of a Joyful Reunion

Watching your four-legged friend slip out your unattended front door, and dash down the street, can be one of the most heartbreaking experiences of pet ownership, especially if your furry pal has no identification. We want to share a fictional story about one such pet who bolted for unexplored territory, but—spoiler alert—was happily and safely [...]

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On the Road Again – With Your Pet

When you were a youngster, family vacations were all about fun. Now that you’re in charge, you probably realize that “adulting” is harder than you thought, and those amazing trips you took as a kid required behind-the-scenes planning you never knew about. These days, there’s an additional factor in planning the perfect vacation—pets. According to [...]

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Preparing Your Pet for Disaster: The Essential Checklist

Stressful situations clearly benefit from a practiced, organized plan. Hospitals practice codes for declining patients, schools practice fire drills, and families practice evacuation routes in case of a disaster. Your pet relies on you to keep her safe and secure, so be sure to include your furry companion in your emergency plan. Check off these [...]

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