Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Obesity and Weight Management

American pets are facing a rising obesity epidemic, with veterinarians classifying an increasing number of pets as being overweight or obese each year. Most pet owners are unsure of their pet’s appropriate weight or how a healthy body shape should look. In addition, many pet owners equate generous treat giving with showing their furry pal [...]

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Understand Changes in Your Pet’s Eating or Drinking Habits

Changes in your pet’s food or water intake can indicate a serious health problem that requires a veterinary examination. Our Countryside Veterinary Hospital team explains what issues can cause changes to your pet’s appetite or thirst. Why is my pet not eating? When your dog or cat sniffs their food and walks away, they may [...]

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The Sky is Falling! Canine Noise Aversion

Many dog owners consider their pet’s fear of loud noises, such as fireworks or thunderstorms, normal behavior. Although two-thirds of dogs react nervously to loud noises, this behavior is not only abnormal but also a treatable medical disorder. The Countryside Veterinary Hospital team is providing tips for managing your pet’s noise aversion and medical treatments [...]

3 Reasons Your Pet May Be Itchy

Itchy, irritated, and inflamed skin is a common problem that is extremely uncomfortable for your pet, and their constant scratching, biting, and licking is likely extremely frustrating for you and your family. Our Countryside Veterinary Hospital team explains three reasons that may be responsible for your pet’s itchiness and ways to address the problem. Flea [...]

Protecting Your Pet from Heartworm Disease

Alabama’s hot, humid weather is the perfect environment for mosquitoes, and these blood-thirsty parasites can transmit deadly heartworm disease to your pet. Your pet’s health and wellbeing mean everything to our Countryside Veterinary Hospital team, so we are providing information about heartworm disease and explaining how the condition can easily be prevented. Heartworm transmission to [...]

Through the Mouth of A Pet: An “Inside” Look At Pet Dental Health

In honor of National Pet Dental Health Month, our Countryside Veterinary Hospital team wants you to know what really happens inside your pet’s mouth. Rather than a behind-the-scenes look, we are taking you on a “through the mouth” adventure, so you can see exactly what we look for when we evaluate your furry pal’s dental [...]

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Your Pet’s Best Year Yet—5 Resolutions for Pets

Out with the old, in with the new. The new year is a great opportunity for anyone who wants a fresh start. It’s time to make better choices, establish new habits, and set new goals for your pet’s health. Check out five ready-to-use, pet-friendly New Year’s resolutions from Countryside Veterinary Hospital. #1: Invest in your [...]

When Your Pet is More Than Meets the Eye: Obesity and Weight Management in Pets

You left your pet’s annual wellness visit a bit shocked after learning that your furry pal is more fat than fluff. Fido has obviously been packing on the pounds without you realizing, because their body condition score (BCS) is now eight out of nine. But don’t worry—you’re not alone. In fact, more than half the [...]

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