Heart Disease in Pets: What You Need to Know

As much as 10% of the pet population seen by veterinarians have some form of cardiovascular disease, making heart conditions relatively common in cats and dogs. Cardiovascular diseases can seldom be cured, and almost always become more serious unless the cause can be addressed and treated. Still, many pets diagnosed with heart conditions can live [...]

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8 Tips to Prepare Your Pet for a Stress-free Veterinary Visit

Veterinary hospitals, with their strange faces, sounds, and scents, can be unsettling for our furry friends. According to an American Veterinary Medical Association study, more than half of pet owners feel that their pet dislikes visiting the veterinarian, and many owners also are personally anxious about the experience. Wrangling your cat into a carrier or [...]

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How Professional Daycare, Boarding, and Grooming Services Benefit Your Pet

You always want the best for your furry pal, whether food, treats, or professional care. Here at Countryside Veterinary Hospital, we understand your passion for your pet—pets are our passion, too—and we want to also cater to your pet’s non-veterinary needs to help them look and feel their best. We designed and built a state-of-the-art [...]

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Q & A: Diabetes and Pets

At Countryside Veterinary Hospital, we see diabetic pets on a regular basis, and especially appreciate working closely with pet owners to help their four-legged friends live a long, good quality life. Here are answers to some common questions about diabetes and pets.  Question: What is diabetes? Answer: Diabetes occurs when the body cannot use glucose [...]

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Building a Plan for Successful Pet Fitness

More than 70% of people in the U.S. are overweight, and their pets aren't far behind—more than half are overweight. Unfortunately, society sometimes minimizes the problem, thinking a chubby cat or dog is cute, but over time, the excess weight can become serious and lead to arthritis, diabetes, breathing problems, and a shortened life. Managing [...]

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Which Vaccines Should Your Pet Receive?

Pet owners naturally want the best for their faithful companions, and take every step possible to keep their furry friend safe from harm. When it comes to vaccinations, however, many owners are concerned about the potential for over-vaccination and reactions, and whether all the vaccinations are necessary. To help clear up any confusion, and to [...]

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Leave Puppy Preparations to Chance: How to Welcome a New Puppy Home

Bringing home a new puppy requires a substantial amount of work, before and after your fluffy bundle of joy enters your life. To make your preparations a cinch, we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite puppy patients, Chance. By sharing his training tales as he met his new family and settled into his forever [...]

The Importance of Spaying or Neutering Your Pet

While many pet owners know they should get their pet spayed or neutered, they aren’t always aware of the procedure’s many benefits for their pet’s health. To help illustrate the importance of spaying and neutering, we’ve created a fictional story of an entirely preventable, sad situation caused by an intact pet.  Timber’s Terrible Tale A [...]

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