Allergies 101: From the (Watery) Eyes of Your Pet

Like people, pets can suffer from seasonal and environmental allergies, and may display similar signs. To help you better understand how allergies can affect your pet, our Countryside Veterinary Hospital team shares the travails of three pets who suffer from different allergy types. Learn how allergies can affect pets and how to keep your pet [...]

Fountain of Woof—Helping Your Pet Live Longer

As pet lovers, we all want the same thing for our dogs and cats—longer lives. While the fountain of woof—er, youth—hasn’t yet been found, Countryside Veterinary Hospital has prepared an easy-to-follow road map that can help you add years to your pet’s life through the choices you make every day. #1: Take your pet to [...]

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Mythbusters: Pet Parasite Edition

The world of pet parasites can be confusing, since each parasite differs greatly in how they spread disease, reproduce, and are eliminated. To help spread knowledge about fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes, and how they can affect your pet, our Countryside Veterinary Hospital team did our own version of Mythbusters. Read on, to learn whether or [...]

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What to Expect When Your Pet is Spayed or Neutered

As a responsible pet owner, you know your pet should be spayed or neutered. In addition to helping control the pet homelessness crisis, these procedures help prevent serious health conditions, such as uterine infections, mammary tumors, testicular cancer, and prostate problems. They also benefit your pet’s behavior, including preventing your female pet from experiencing heat [...]

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8 Common Eye Conditions in Pets

Pets regularly suffer from a slew of eye conditions that can cause redness, excessive tearing, and discomfort. Without prompt treatment, the cornea or other ocular structures can be damaged, so observing and diagnosing the primary problem is important to your pet’s eye health. Pets who are  flat- or wrinkly-faced may be more prone to developing [...]

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A Plea from Puddle-Making Pepperoni: How to Set Your Cat Up For Litter Box Success

We love nothing more than mail from our patients, especially if they tell us how they can achieve a happier, healthier life. This inside scoop on our patients’ thoughts and feelings can help us guide pet owners on providing the best for their four-legged companions. Check out this letter we recently received from Pepperoni,* a [...]

5 Types of Enrichment For Your Pet

Your dog’s mental and physical health benefits from regular stimulating diversions that should be introduced into their daily life. Enrichment activities can decrease your dog’s naughty conduct and help them cope with stress. Regular exposure may improve their brain function, and protect them from cognitive dysfunction syndrome, which is the canine equivalent of Alzheimer’s in [...]

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