Who’s been naughty and who’s been nice? Either way we know your pets are getting gifts! Here are some of Dr. Conley’s favorites for under the tree this year.


1. Indoor Hunting Feeder – Unleash the lioness in your cat! I’m really excited about this one as it is a novel idea that can provide fun and excitement for your kitty while addressing some of the issues we have with feeding indoor cats. This helps utilize their hunting instinct, stimulating their minds and giving them more satisfaction. It also helps keep them active and prevents binge feeding, hopefully helping to manage weight.

2. Catit Senses toys- this company has some nicely designed stations to may your very own kitty playground. They have a grooming station where your feline can scratch every itch, innovative maze feeders to make dinner time fun, and fun ball tracks for endless entertainment.

3. Cat climbing trees- Climbing trees provide a place to play, nap, hide, and generally have a good time! They come in all different sizes and prices, so there is one that is right for every cat. Has Fluffy been really good this year? Then treat her to one of these Deluxe Kitty Mansions!


1. GPS tracking collars- Whether you have an escape artist or you just want to monitor Fido’s fitness, these collars offer a lot of features to keep your dog happy and safe. Whistle is a brand that offers live GPS tracking to an app on your phone, and creates a log of their activity. You can even get alerts if they leave their safe area.

2. Wüf is a newer company, but they offer some really cool features including an invisible fence or leash mode, where you can set a perimeter of where you pet can go. This collar not only allows you to locate your pet, and track their activity, but can help with training as well. This is ideal for those hiking and adventuring pups!

3. Light up play toys- Just because the sun sets at 4:30 PM dogs don’t have to miss out on evening fun! There are a vast array of LED collars and glow in the dark toys that can keep on going after the sun has gone to bed!

4. Best seat in the house- instead of a boring dog bed on the floor, what about their very own dog sofa! They come in a wide range of sizes, colors, and price points, so there is one for every pooch.

All Pets

1. Pet Cube is an interactive camera that include 2 way audio, alerts, and a laser toy that connects you to your pet via your smartphone. It’s a great way to monitor, communicate, and play with your pet when you have to be away. Now if only it would clean the litter box…

2. Drinking fountains- This is a great way to encourage your cat or dog to drink more water, and who doesn’t need to drink more water! We always worry about our kitty kidneys, and drinking more water does wonders for kidney health. Choose one with a filter to keep that water fresh and filter out all the dog slobber.