As our clients, you all know about our support team’s incredible skills with your pets. But, do you know about their biggest fears, their pets, or their favorite activities? Can you guess what frightens our technicians, how many are secretly heavy metal fans, and who has the most unusual hobbies? Janay, Lindsey, Britney, Allison, Regina, Michelle, Ash, Cayla, Brittany (B Rae), Stephanie, Ashley, Brittany J., Elizabeth, Kayla, Hannah, and Bailey form a cohesive vet tech and assistant team that helps support our seven veterinarians. Here’s an inside look at our incredible technicians and assistants.

Question: What is Janay’s biggest fear?

Answer: Don’t invite Janay to a haunted house, since her biggest fears are spiders and things that come out of nowhere.

Q: What would surprise you about Janay?

A: Talkative and outgoing when it comes to animal care, Janay is actually shy in big groups.

Q: Lindsey is currently attending San Juan College to become a licensed veterinary technician. What other degree does she hold?

A: Lindsey also has a degree in criminal justice, but the only crime she handles nowadays is her cat’s empty food bowl.

Q: What is Lindsey’s biggest fear?

A: Two unique fears plague Lindsey—whales and peacocks.

Q: Besides being a vet tech, how does Britney save lives?

A: Britney is also a combat medic for the Alabama National Guard.

Q: What creeps Britney out the most?

A: Britney hates fleas and ticks more than any other creepy-crawly bug. Thank goodness our shelves are stocked with flea and tick preventives.

Q: What is Allison’s special talent?

A: If you’re looking for a good read (other than our blog), ask Allison. She enjoys writing fantasy and sci-fi stories.

Q: What are Allison’s favorite music genres?

A: Catch Allison head-banging to hard rock or metal.

Q: Regina is another metal fan. What other favorite hobby has she taken to a metal show?

A: Regina takes her crafting supplies anywhere she goes, and, yes, that includes concerts—she’s knitted through a metal show.

Q: Is Regina a true outdoors girl who enjoys roughing it, or does she prefer glamping?

A: No need for running water for Regina—she prefers primitive camping, far away from civilization.

Q: What unique cat breed does Michelle own?

A: Tyrion, a 3-year-old sphynx, is part of Michelle’s pack.

Q: How long has Michelle been married? 

A: Michelle and her husband have been married for 26 years and have two sons.

Q: What is Ash’s favorite part of the job?

A: Ash enjoys knowing she is helping the voiceless and comforting their owners.

Q: What freaks Ash out the most?

A: Keep spiderwebs out of Ash’s way on dark paths. She is terrified of spiders and the dark.

Q: Would Cayla rather run or read?

A: Cayla enjoys doing both. She’d run a 5K or snuggle up on the couch with a good book.

Q: How long has Cayla been part of the Countryside team?

A: Cayla has been a wonderful addition to our support team since 2018.

Q: Which dog breed does Brittany show?

A: Brittany and her family show one of their Irish setters in conformation classes.

Q: What are Brittany’s favorite games to play with her sons?

A: Brittany and her three sons enjoy playing baseball in the yard, or hanging out in the barn with their three horses and a miniature donkey.

Q: What is Stephanie’s favorite part of her job?

A: Nothing is more rewarding for Stephanie than a pet’s good dental cleaning, making a dirty mouth clean and revealing the pearly whites.

Q: What unique pet does Stephanie have?

A: Stephanie has a bearded dragon named Madame Maple.

Q: How many pets does Ashley have?

A: Ashley not only takes care of animals at work all day—she also cares for her herd of four horses, five cats, and one dog at home.

Q: What surprising activity can Ashley do?

A: Ashley creates all sorts of crafts, and is excellent at crocheting.

Q: What did Brittany J. apprentice as? 

A: If you’re looking for new ink, Brittany apprenticed to be a tattoo artist.

Q: What dog breed makes up Brittany J.’s pack?

A: Brittany is well-protected at home by four Dobermans.

Q: How many sisters and brothers does Elizabeth have?

A: Elizabeth tips the scales in the girls’ favor in her household, pitting the five sisters against the four brothers.

Q: What animal is Elizabeth’s pet?

A: Elizabeth’s 5-month-old pit bull mix, Blue, is a bundle of energy and always looking to play.

Q: What feat did Kayla perform in 2007?

A: Kayla was on a cheerleading team that went to Nationals at Disney and won first place.

Q: What is Kayla’s biggest fear?

A: Kayla will not drink any Kool-Aid, no matter how much sugar it has. The Kool-Aid Man is her biggest fear.

Q: What sort of pet does Hannah have, in addition to cats and dogs?

A: Hannah is the proud owner of 11 ball pythons.

Q: What is Hannah’s biggest fear?

A: Hannah is terrified of public speaking, and also wouldn’t be caught dead in the front seat of a roller coaster.

Q: What is Bailey’s favorite activity with her family?

A: The entire family enjoys camping together and taking their horses on their adventures.

Q: What is Bailey’s dog breed of choice?

A: Bailey loves her blue heelers. She has a 6-year-old heeler mix and an 11-week-old blue heeler puppy.

While we always have your pet’s health and well-being on our minds, don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation about knitting patterns, metal bands, pythons, or fantasy fiction with our vet tech team. We’d love to chat—call to schedule your pet’s wellness visit.