Summer can be as much fun for our furry friends as it is for us. Unfortunately, they can also suffer the same heat related illnesses. Pets are not able to dispel heat from their bodies as quickly as humans and this can cause a rapid rise in body temperature. Once the body temperature elevates, the pet could then begin to suffer from symptoms related to illnesses such as heat stroke or heat exhaustion. These conditions are serious and could ultimately lead to death.

Be sure never to leave your pet in a vehicle, an unventilated home, or without shade. These conditions can effect your pet quickly. Walks should also be done in the morning or late evening, with a cool place to recuperate afterwards. Asphalt and concrete are very hot on dogs paws. Being closer to the ground will cause more heat to generate throughout their system. if your pet lives outdoors, make sure there is plenty of fresh water and their house is situated in shade.

If your pet begins showing any signs of heat related illness, contact your veterinarian immediately. Taking a few precautions through the summer months should help alleviate any need for medical attention due to rising summer temperatures.

SOME symptoms of heat related illness
• Exaggerated panting
• Fatigue
• Excessive drooling
• Vomiting
• Dizziness
• Lethargy
• Glazed eyes
• Shaking or seizure
• Unconsciousness
• Stumbling
• Lack of urine production