You always want the best for your furry pal, whether food, treats, or professional care. Here at Countryside Veterinary Hospital, we understand your passion for your pet—pets are our passion, too—and we want to also cater to your pet’s non-veterinary needs to help them look and feel their best. We designed and built a state-of-the-art boarding, daycare, and grooming facility, because your pet’s mental and emotional health care, which we offer through socialization, stimulation, exercise, and pampering spa services at The Lodge at Countryside, are as critical as their physical care. Now, as a full-service veterinary hospital, we can fulfill all your pet’s needs. Check out the list of benefits our professional daycare, boarding, and grooming attendants can provide your four-legged friend. 

#1: Professional grooming can spot hidden issues in your pet’s skin and fur

During your pet’s grooming appointment, our grooming professionals will carefully check every inch of your furry pal’s skin. During a thorough grooming session, our team will search for skin infections, cysts, tumors, external parasites, skin allergies, wounds, and other problems that our veterinarians can address immediately. Without a trained eye evaluating your pet’s skin, ears, and coat health, issues can go unnoticed for far too long, increasing in severity, and creating undue discomfort. 

#2: Professional daycare allows your pet to play in a safe, controlled environment

While dog parks can provide a great outlet for your pet’s energy, the only supervisors are dog owners who may not be paying close attention, nor have canine body-language training. Our professional daycare team monitors each dog’s comfort and stress level to ensure everyone is interacting appropriately, and will separate pets if they see signs of distress or anxiety. Under our team’s supervision, your pet will enjoy playing all day with their canine companions, snoozing in a secluded area, and burning off pent-up energy in a safe, secure environment. 

#3: Professional boarding provides low-stress pet accommodations

Boarding can be stressful—a new place with strange sounds and smells can unsettle pets, especially if cats are housed with dogs. Our team understands that boarded pets can become anxious, and has taken several steps to make our boarding facility a cozy, relaxing home away from home. Luxury private suites are available that offer each pet a quiet resting area, and we also shower your pet with one-on-one attention and playtime to ensure all their needs are met. 

#4: Regular grooming ensures a healthy coat and skin for your pet

Regular grooming not only helps your pet look their best, but also helps ensure a healthy coat and skin. Routine care, including brushing, bathing, ear cleaning, and nail trimming, removes dead fur and skin, prevents matting, reduces the potential for ear infections, and thwarts snagged nails. Removing dirt and debris from your pet’s coat and skin helps prevent skin infections and keeps them comfortable. 

#5: Daycare helps ward off behavior issues in your pet

Pets who are bored and lack mental and physical outlets often get into mischief, and can develop behavior issues, such as separation anxiety, and repetitive or destructive behaviors. With physical and mental enrichment through socialization and exercise, your dog will be more relaxed and less prone to develop anxiety disorders. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of coming home to a sleepy, content pup at the end of a long day, instead of a hyper, full-of-energy pooch.

#6: Boarding at a veterinary hospital offers an extra care level for your pet

When your pet stays with us at The Lodge, you can rest assured they are in the best hands. Our highly trained boarding team is skilled at spotting subtle distress or illness signs, and will promptly inform our veterinarians if they notice a problem. Many boarding facilities do not have the luxury of a veterinarian on hand to care for a pet in need, which can delay treatment and waste crucial time. If we notice any unusual behavior in your pet while they’re staying with us, they’ll immediately receive care from their regular veterinarian. 

Does your furry pal need some pampering over the holiday season? Or, are they bored waiting at home while you complete your Christmas shopping? Contact your Countryside Veterinary Hospital team to schedule a daycare, grooming, or boarding session, and let us help care for your pet over the holidays.