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Preparing Your Pet for Disaster: The Essential Checklist

Stressful situations clearly benefit from a practiced, organized plan. Hospitals practice codes for declining patients, schools practice fire drills, and families practice evacuation routes in case of a disaster. Your pet relies on you to keep her safe and secure, so be sure to include your furry companion in your emergency plan. Check off these [...]

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Protecting Your Pet from Heartworm Disease

Widely prevalent right here in our own backyards, heartworm disease impacts dogs and cats across the United States. Here’s how heartworm disease can affect your pet, and why preventing this potentially deadly disease is far easier than treating it. How heartworm disease is transmitted Heartworm disease has been diagnosed in dogs in all 50 states, [...]

8 Tips for Choosing the Best Health Insurance Plan for Your Pet

With so much negativity surrounding the human health insurance industry, you may be a bit leery of pet health insurance, too. Fortunately, policies for pets are somewhat easier to decipher than their human counterparts. But, you should still understand the limitations and benefits of the variety of insurance companies and plans so you can make [...]

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Senior Pet Care Considerations

Just like human medicine, veterinary medicine has progressed over the years, and pets are enjoying longer lives. With this increase in lifespan, pets and their caretakers find themselves facing additional age-related health conditions more often. Fortunately, there are more resources and options than ever before to help your elderly companion enjoy her golden years. Increased [...]

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Alternative Arthritis Management in Pets

While the passing of time is inevitable, you can assist your pet in aging gracefully and comfortably for many years to come. Pain and stiffness from arthritis is common in geriatric pets. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to help put the pep back in your pet’s step. Integrative veterinary medicine is providing various alternative therapies [...]

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