Countryside_iStock_000007775997_Medium.jpgYour pet’s health is not unlike the construction of a building. Early in his or her life, you lay the foundation for good health and a long life by establishing good nutrition and exercise routines, and we may help you add new floors to your pet’s “building” with vaccinations and parasite prevention. But if your pet appears to be in the same condition as your last visit, is it necessary to make the time for an annual exam?

The truth is, your pet’s health is actually a delicate and fragile structure, and routine pet exams provide significant support to your pet’s wellbeing and longevity.

Early Detection

Besides the fact that we love to see your pet, regularly scheduled pet exams include preventive screenings and diagnostics that allow for early detection of serious health threats. Left alone, many conditions can progress into full-blown disease, resulting in emergency care or decreased lifespan.

The Puzzle Of Pet Exams

When you come in for annual pet exams, you’ll see that we carefully assess your pet’s physical health, paying close attention to the eyes, ears, mouth, skin, coat, and abdomen. Further examination of these areas are particularly important:

  • Dental care – The benefits stemming from proper pet dental care go way beyond the teeth. Responsible for problems in the heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver, dental disease is a major concern.
  • Nutrition – One of the most significant building blocks for optimal health, we enjoy discussing the importance of nutrition and what food and treats are right for your pet.
  • Age-related issues – Your senior pet may have specific health problems indicative of age. Sometimes symptoms don’t add up; certain diagnostics, such as digital x-ray or ultrasound, can shed light on what ails your aging pet, and help us determine a treatment plan.
  • Vaccinations – Protecting your pet from a variety of infectious diseases is a major concern. During pet exams, we will offer any needed vaccinations or necessary boosters to best protect your pet.
  • Parasite prevention – Keeping your pet safe from fleas, ticks, heartworm disease, and intestinal parasites is a tenet of responsible pet ownership. Not only can we screen for parasites, we can also guide you on what are the safest and most effective products to keep parasites at bay.

Optimal Care

We understand that the perception of costly veterinarian care may inhibit the choice to schedule regular pet exams. In response, our P.A.W.S. program is designed to help pet owners cover these elements of annual wellness care:

  • Two physical exams
  • All vaccines
  • Parasite prevention and screenings
  • Overall health profile

Pawsitive Outlook

When considering if it’s worth it to bring your pet in for his or her regular wellness exam, it’s important to remember that animals age faster than humans. This makes routine checks increasingly critical as your pet ages, especially if he or she is good at hiding symptoms.

Pet exams provide a wonderful avenue for all of us to learn more about – and discuss – your pet’s overall health and wellness, and we hope you’ll contact us with any questions.